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$5.00 Indian Head Coin
$5.00 Indian Head Coin
Content: 0.24187 oz.
Weight: 8.359g
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper
Diameter: 21.6mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm
Mint Dates: 1908-16; 1929
One of the two coins designed by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, features an image of an Indian chief, the first true American Indian to makes its appearance on a United States mintage. An imprint of the term 'Liberty' is visible on the Indian's full-feathered headdress. This coin was minted between 1908 and 1929. The other side of the coin portrays the American Eagle standing on top of a bundle of arrows and an olive branch, the traditional symbols for war and peace.
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