Industrial Silver Shortage is Here

On Jan 17th 2013 The U.S. Mint halted the sale of one ounce Silver American Eagles due to the lack of supply of silver. Six million coins were sold in the first 17 days of the New Year to precious metals dealers across the country. Silver commodities analyst Ted Butler says that the industrial silver shortage is also why there has been a 10 week delay in Apple iMac production in China. The overall supply shortage of metals may lead to a panic in the market and massive rise in price.

Ted Butler has predicted and been waiting for the eventual shortage of physical silver. He comments that the panic buying of silver will finally terminate the bank cartels manipulation of the bullion silver market.  Currently we use 40% more silver than what we can mine. This news is no surprise to the trade floor at Numis Financial. Silver is at still a great buy and should be an essential part of your portfolio.  Please click to see the media coverage on this story.


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