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Why Your Financial Adviser doesn’t recommend Physical Precious Metals?

Your Adviser is not allowed to sell you Precious Metals

Financial advisers can only recommend publicly traded securities; anything other than securities is not covered in their licensing. Precious metals are a tangible asset and your adviser does not have access to it. It is typical for an adviser to try to sell you Precious Metal ETF’s or Mining Stock when you insist on getting into the Precious Metals market. ETF’s and Mining stocks are not the same as owning physical Precious Metals and are susceptible to Inflation, company earnings, corporate fraud, and stock market volatility. All of these risk factors are eliminated when owning physical Precious Metals.

Your Advisor cannot make fees or commissions on physical Precious Metals

On average most Financial Advisers make anywhere from 2%-5% annually on managing your portfolio. Once you purchase physical Precious Metals there are no management fees that can be charged. Even thou Gold have done an average 20% + in gains over the last ten years, it is not in the best interest of your financial advisers “pocket book” to recommend physical metals.

Financial Advisers don’t really understand Precious Metals

The reason why most financial advisers do not recommend physical gold and silver is because they are not educated in their Certified Financial Planner textbooks. Throughout the whole textbook there are only 6 pages devoted to Precious Metals, in which they reference precious metals as being “jewelry” and not a viable investment or diversification option.