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How Do I Buy Gold with my IRA

Gold IRA

The recent economic uncertainties has sparked investors to replace their holdings (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) with a less volatile investment such as gold and silver. Many investors are unaware that you can purchase gold and silver with not only liquid funds, but also with most retirement accounts such as:  Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Simple IRA, Previous employer 401K, 403B, 457 Deferred compensation plan, Pension plans, Thrift Saving plan … and more. Less than 1% of US investors know that holding physical precious metals is even an option for them.

The mechanics in transferring your IRA or 401(k) into a Gold IRA is a Tax-Free, Penalty Free and Hassle-Free when dealing with Numis Financial. The IRA department at Numis Financial takes pride in handling the entire process for you. This practice of transferring your IRA into a Self Directed Gold IRA is commonly known as a “Direct Transfer” or “Direct Rollover.”

The first step in hedging your retirement against the volatile stock market and the weakening US dollar with gold and silver is to send the one page set up form which is included in Numis Financials Precious Metals Guide to the IRA department. By completing your set up form you enable Numis Financials IRA Specialists to have basic information about yourself, your eligible retirement account, and your beneficiary’s.

The second step for funding your Gold IRA is to choose a custodian and a Precious Metals Depository which is federally approved to hold precious metals within a retirement account. Numis Financial preferred custodian and for a Precious Metals IRA is New Direction IRA. However, we work with a variety of Precious Metal custodians. Whichever Precious Metals IRA Custodian is chosen Numis Financial will pay for your Set up Fee’s, 1st years Custodial Fee’s, and your 1st years Depository Storage Fee’s for eligible retirement accounts.

Numis Financials preferred Precious Metals Depository is the Delaware Depository Service Company one of the world’s largest and most secure depositories. The Delaware Depository is insured by Lloyd’s of London for up to $1 Billion. The DDSC is also the main storage facility for COMEX and NYMEX. As mentioned before whichever depository you elect, we will pay your 1st years Depository Storage Fee’s.

The third step after you have chosen the Precious Metals IRA custodian that best fits your needs and comfort level, Numis Financials dedicated specialists within the IRA department will complete all for the paperwork necessary on your behalf. Thus after, all documents will be sent over night to you for approval and lastly wet signatures. The package will also include a prepaid envelope which will be addressed to a designated department at your new Precious Metals custodian.

Once your preferred new IRA custodian receives the documents they will work very efficiently to establish a new account, and send a Transfer Request form to your old custodian who is holding your funds. The Transfer Form will give direct instructions to 1. Liquidate your current assets, 2. Put them into a money market account, and 3. Send the funds to the New Custodian in the most efficient manner (Federal Bank Wire).

The fourth and final step for protecting your portfolio with a Precious Metals IRA is to choose the type of metals which will not hedge your nest egg against the inflation and dollar devaluation, but also give you financial stability and growth. During your educational period with your Senior Account Manager at Numis Financial you will already be well informed on the different types of Precious Metals that are available to you to best fit your needs.

Once you choose the type of metals which will be held within your Gold IRA, Numis Financial will ship them within 72 hours to your storage unit at your designated Precious Metals Depository.

Safeguard your retirement with a Gold IRA Transfer/Rollover with an IRS approved process which is not only Tax-Free and Penalty free but also Hassle Free with Numis Financial.